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Finding your Match

Everyone imagines an ideal mate. The wish list is long, and contradictory- sensitive yet strong. We search for a perfect “10”.

When I moved to Nashville, I put on my lipstick (you never know who you’re going to meet) and walked around 12 South. I was in awe of the beautiful homes. Sparkling windows, classic architecture, the golden retriever lounging on the spacious front porch. I wondered what it was like to find a perfect “10”.

The day finally came when I was ready to buy a home. Searching online only led to frustration. As each day passed, I became more desperate to find a house. It was time to call an expert.

When Debra agreed to help me, our conversation sounded like meeting a matchmaker. I was nervous, and probably wore too much lipstick. She held the key to my housing future. Would Debra find my match?

I rattled off my wish list. I’m sure it was contradictory- spacious yet cozy. I was searching for a “10” on a “2” budget. In her wisdom, Debra told me to cut my list to three deal breakers. Funny, I read the same thingin one of those corny relationship books!

Debra created an online profile with the price range and my three ‘requirements’. I imagined the title- “Dog mom seeks fenced yard and large closet”. Each morning, I received an email with photos of potential matches, just like a dating service with possible mates.

One day, a little house fit my three criteria. I put on my lipstick and rushed over to see it. As I pulled into the driveway, my heart sank. It was more disappointing than a blind date with the son of your grandma’s neighbor.

Debra knew what to do. She pointed out the compatibility, and told me a little love would reveal the home’s potential. On the kitchen counter, we found a stack of business cards from other Realtors. Turns out, this little “2” house had been speed dating with potential buyers all day.

We began a whirlwind courtship with the little “2”. Thanks to Debra’s guidance, a few bids, and a personal letter, I was engaged to buy the house.

She was right. With some love (and a lot of pink paint), the little house became my match. And now, two years after taking the plunge, the little “2” is now a “10” in my eyes.

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