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From processes to information, I create simple pathways

Membership Application

Transformed the membership application and on boarding process for the Rotary Club of Nashville. With an average of 74 applications each year, the membership process was time consuming and cumbersome. Hand written applications, duplicity of data entry, and manual on boarding led to inconsistent and incorrect information. I collaborated with our CRM developer to create an online application, which would automatically create a membership record in the database. In addition, I automated several of the processes- from application receipt notifications to welcome letters. These improvements reduced the processing time from over an hour per application to just about 15 minutes.

Volunteer Management

Initiated web-based registration system, a ‘one-stop shop’ for all volunteer activities. Empowered members to view and sign up for opportunities that fit their schedule. Previous volunteer tracking required email invitations for each open ‘slot’ and staff-maintained spreadsheets. 

Annual food delivery project

Each December, the Rotary Club of Nashville sorts, packs, and delivers food boxes to hungry families throughout Nashville. In 2014, one thousand families received the boxes. A letter was typed, printed, and mailed from the Rotary office to each family. Each address was then typed onto mailing labels, which were put onto index cards for delivery purposes. Neighborhood maps were drawn and copied for delivery volunteers, and there were two delivery distribution sites. The program could not grow due to the volume of administrative work and preparations. First, I contacted our public housing partner, and received an electronic spreadsheet of our recipients' addresses. Next, I created a festive postcard, found a printing company and negotiated a discounted rate. They printed, stamped, and mailed the postcards for us. I also designed a delivery card using a data merge, to eliminate the labeling step. On the back of each delivery card, a Google map of the neighborhood. Simplifying and updating these processes allowed us to expand the project from 1,000 recipients to 2,000.

Simplification: Skills
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