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  • Turned library patrons into volunteers by establishing relationships, engaging in conversation, inviting them to share input, and asking for help. Established a teen volunteer program, which led to hiring two students as part-time pages, and upon graduating from high school, both students were promoted to part-time library assistants.

  • Engage Rotary members by learning their interests and activities. Understand their personal background, family, hobbies, and skills. Design volunteer projects with Rotarians in mind. Connect members to volunteer opportunities and nonprofit partners that reflect their interests. Email, call, and speak to members personally and ask them to participate. Utilize technology to simplify volunteer registration.

  • Recruit six volunteers each week to assist with weekly Rotary meetings. Recruit elementary classroom readers, high school mentors. Recruit members for 15 committees. Recruit volunteers for monthly recurring monthly service projects. Recruit volunteers for landscaping, gardening, and Habitat for Humanity projects. 


Engagement: Skills
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