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Additional Experience

Business Owner, Shaz

  • Established, developed and managed upscale clothing boutique 

  • Negotiated building lease and vendor contracts, worked with neighboring small business owners to create an alliance

  • Budget development, inventory tracking, and accounting

  • Maintained meticulous Customer Relationship Management system, provided private appointments, and exclusive shopping events

  • Developed positive media relations and received frequent press attention

  • Initiated community partnerships and fundraiser fashion show opportunities 


Community Liaison & Internship Coordinator, Florida International Festival & the London Symphony Orchestra

  • Created and proposed Community Liaison position- including job description, duties, and structure

  • Represented the London Symphony Orchestra to community, developed nonprofit partnerships 

  • Created volunteer opportunities for the LSO 

  • Traveled throughout the state to identify and recruit high school band students to apply for music internship with the LSO. Reviewed applications and auditions, selected finalists, and submitted recommendations to the orchestra 

  • Developed activities, secured lodging, and raised funds for the participating students

Program Coordinator & Speaker, Initiatives of Change


  • Facilitated educational programs and interactive sessions with students and teachers including creating innovative learning tools and

       training teachers on methods of implementation

  • Designed and launched entire media program for a prestigious private school in Mumbai and educated students in all areas of program

  • Participated in national conference to discuss challenges to India’s educational system and outline solutions

  • Joined cross-cultural discussions and activities for enhanced understanding

  • Provided hands-on assistance throughout India’s disadvantaged areas


  • The only US representative on a panel of three selected to present high school assembly programs throughout England​

  • Created and delivered speeches, led interactive discussions

  • Attended international education symposium

Additional Experience: CV
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