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A rescue dog love story

Sam. I met Sam on Black Friday. He was a last minute rescue from a shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized. I instantly fell in love and applied to adopt him. Flash forward twelve years, Black Friday. Instead of celebrating our twelfth adoptiversary, Sam and I received devastating news- he had terminal cancer. I called Sam’s grandma, who suggested honoring Sam by adopting another dog. She encouraged me to find the next dog, and commit to it, before I lost Sam. She knew the pain of losing him would feel unbearable. Although the next dog wouldn’t replace Sam, it would bring me comfort and give me purpose.

Enter Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue and a goofy little mama dog named Sprinkles. Sprinkles was very young, and recently had a littler of puppies. Someone once told me it is difficult for mama dogs to get adopted. After talking to Sam, I decided Sprinkles might be ‘the one’. Sprinkles’ foster mom, Jennifer, was so gracious. She offered to bring Sprinkles to my house for a meeting. I would soon meet my future dog, with my dying dog by my side.

The day came for Sprinkles’ visit. She bounced into my house confidently and proceeded to put on quite the happy dance. She was full of energy and LIFE. She hopped around the room until she saw big old Sam. Sprinkles gently approached him, and instantly their tails wagged in sync. Sam took Sprinkles on a tour of the house and back yard. He taught her how to use the doggie door, showed her where to hide toys. He took her to his favorite neighborhood watch spot. My heart was full of joy in this moment. I believe Sam knew, and approved, of Sprinkles. And I believe Sprinkles knew Sam wouldn’t be here much longer.

Shortly after Sprinkles’ visit, Sam was laid to rest. When I texted Jennifer the news, she immediately offered to bring Sprinkles and one of the puppies to visit. This thoughtful gesture, this compassion, is what sets Proverbs 12:10 apart. Just when I thought my broken heart couldn’t possibly heal, just when I doubted the decision to adopt another dog, Jennifer and her mother were there to offer comfort. And Sprinkles was there, tumbling happily into my house, dragging a puppy behind her.

When the puppies were finally weaned, I made arrangements to pick up Sprinkles at Petco. Jennifer and her mom were there to greet me. I met many Proverbs 12:10 volunteers who thanked me for adopting Sprinkles, and told me how cute she was. Their enthusiasm was genuine. Their smiles and warmth and offers of support were heartfelt. Though Petco was full of people and pets, Proverbs 12:10 made me feel like I was the most important person in the room, and Sprinkles was (of course) the most important dog in the room.

Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue saved Sprinkles’ life, and Sprinkles saved my heart.

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